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My Chiropractic Story

testimonial1I grew up in the country, so we just had to “suck it up.” So I thought the pain was not too bad.  After all, I also thought it was normal to have a headache every day, numb hands in the morning, not be able to lie down without pain all down my spine, and for one leg to be shorter than the other.  My entire back hurt all the time.  I lived like this for 5 years.
I didn’t do anything except take some kind of pain reliever daily.  I had to take more and more pills each day to relieve any pain.

My family was very anti-chiropractic.  When I moved away to go to college, it was my boyfriend whom recommended that I go and see a chiropractor.  My boyfriend urged me to go to Dr. Joyce, and good thing he did.  I took a set of x-rays and saw that my neck had a reverse curve, which explained the daily headaches.  When Dr. Joyce was examining my x-rays he explained to me that the severity of damage to my neck made it look like I had been dropped on my head.


Katie and Chiropractic

Katie & ChiropracticI had struggled with tension headaches for years, but was able to “bare” the pain
and move forth with most of my daily activities that had to be accomplished. The personal and enjoyable activities took a back seat to my tension headaches.

Then, the summer of 2008 I was experiencing tension headaches daily, these intolerable and extraordinarily excruciating. I could scarcely accomplish the bare minimum of my daily activities. My quality of life was dim. My general practitioner prescribed medication that didn’t ease the throbbing pin. I saw my life as a wife and mother of three active children slipping away, as I became victim to the pain.


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