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Katie & ChiropracticI had struggled with tension headaches for years, but was able to “bare” the pain and move forth with most of my daily activities that had to be accomplished. The personal and enjoyable activities took a back seat to my tension headaches.

Then, the summer of 2008 I was experiencing tension headaches daily, these intolerable and extraordinarily excruciating. I could scarcely accomplish the bare minimum of my daily activities. My quality of life was dim. My general practitioner prescribed medication that didn’t ease the throbbing pin. I saw my life as a wife and mother of three active children slipping away, as I became victim to the pain.Katie & Chiropractic

It was then that I was referred to Dr. Scott Joyce for chiropractic care. Dr. Joyce and his pleasant employees performed their initial screenings and found that I had some major subluxations in my cervical spine (neck region) and thoracic spinal region.

I started my corrective care going seven consecutive days, following with three days per week for four months. Within ten days my headaches were completely gone. My posture was improving, and the knots in my upper back were beginning to diminish. I was feeling better that I had in years. I started to sleep on my back comfortably, which is a sigh that the vertebrae were in the correct and optimal spinal position.

Katie and ChiropracticThe further into the corrective care, the better I felt. Not only had my headaches vanished, I started to regain energy, sit more comfortably6, increased endurance, my knots in my upper back had disappeared, and my attitude improved. It’s amazing how greatly good health can shape your mood!

I now have a quality of life that I have not experienced in years. I am now a victor and no longer a victim. I am so grateful for chiropractic care, generous Dr. Joyce, and his kind hearted employees.

Thank you Dr. Joyce and the Joyce Family Chiropractic staff for good health and great service!

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